NEWS: the DVB UHF doherty project description is now available into My projects section

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     My projects

          Stereo dig. limiter

          SSY ATM Switch

          S.Marco DECT RFP

          2.5GHz Low noise Amp

          SAT Auxiliary Box

          SAT Low Power ODU

          Wilkinson combiner

          UHF Hybrid coupler

          RF amplifiers

          DVB Doherty

          Active attenuators

          VHF Hybrid coupler

          ATV-DTV wattmeter

          UHF Modulator

          2BOX (alias tubox)

               2BOX gallery

          Multispark CDI

               CDI gallery

          Battery desulphator

     Technical docs

          PDH multiplexers

          MWTN tone generator

               Tone gen. schematic

          RFP sync improvement

          CTM RFP overview

          3.5GHz DRA analysis

          WCDMA-FCT terminal

          Intermod. anaysis

          RF Broadcasting

               Analog TV

               Digital TV

               Technical resources

          Analog TV Power Meas

          FM pallet analysis

     Inventor Awards

          Patent n.1


          Patent n.2

          Patent n.3


     Training and courses

          Other courses

          Reti telefoniche

          Radici quadrate

          Radici cubiche


          Chua circuit

          3D Dipole analysis

          Amplif. operazionali


          Doherty Amplifiers

          Poliphase networks

          Directional couplers

          Ferrite baluns

          Electronic fundam.

          De Morgan's theorem

     Photo gallery

          My Ericsson

          SAT term. photos

          Ethiopian photos

          1983 Australia

          Burgos IOT



          Penice mount

          MW S.Palomba (Rome)

          Other Photos

     Tips and tricks

          Spurious analysis

          Routine for OrCAD

          WinNT and 98

          RS232 to TTL

          American Wire Gauge


          Momentum VS IE3D

          Frequenza delle note

          Tube models






























               ARRL Handbook

               Tricky C ebook

               Recipes in C

               Dict. of Electronics

               RCA Radiotron

          High Speed Logics


          TV test generators

          PC Scope tools

          Audio generators

          Free CAD SW

          Free Utilities






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