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Welcome to the Mozetic Carlo's WEB site


Christian name: Carlo


Family name: Mozetic


Birth date: 16 August 1965


Birth place: Rome (Italy)


Title: RF Hardware Design Engineer Senior



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• Actual employment


He is the founder and the general manager of an Engineering Company located in Rome (Italy). Furthermore he is a senior RF design consultant for analog and digital RF devices for ATV/DVB and FM broadcast equipments.


Old employments


In 2005 employed as Technical Manager in “C.R.S.T. Centro Ricerche Sistemi Tecnologici”, a satellite and wireless telecommunication mobile systems Company.


From 2001 to 2004 employed in “Telis S.p.a.”, an outsourcing Company of the main italian mobile operator, as Technical Area Manager. He has coordinated some technical mobile service centres distributed in Italy.


Employed in “Telit Mobile Terminals S.p.A.”, Satellite Division in 2000 -2001, as “RF designer”; he was one of the HW designer of RF-MW CDMA radio interfaces for satellite terminals (Globalstar).


Employed in “Ericsson Lab Italy” from 1990 to 2000 as “Analog & RF designer”; he has designed radio interfaces up to 3.5 GHz and electro-optical line interfaces for high bit rate digital units, up to 2.5 Gbit/s.


• Main experiences


1 - Design and implementation of electrical line interfaces of the N3 PDH digital multiplexers 2/34 e 34/140 Mbit/s.


2 - Design of the synchronization system and the matrix interconnection boards of the Ericsson ARS demonstrator (ATM Ring Switch) for the main Italian telecommunications Operator.


3 - HW design coordination and implementation of the Ericsson RFP DECT units used for the “FIDO” (CTM) Italian mobile service.


4 - Feasibility study and technological research for a new GSM-UMTS outdoor/ indoor radio system at 3.5 GHz for voice and data Fixed Wireless Access.


5 - HW design and implementation of a GSM 3.5 GHz indoor radio interface for the demonstrator used by the Ericsson Radio A.B. of Stockholm.


6 - Patent “Data Timing Recovery Module” related to a new simple timing extractor architecture for high bit rate encoded data streams (Swedish Patent Application N. 9601640-7).


7 - Design of a Low Noise Amplifier at 2.5 GHz by using Si-Ge technology for an integrated helix antenna (mobile Globalstar access devices).


8 - Development and implementation of the main unit and the low power outdoor unit of the car-kit of the new SAT600 GSM/satellite mobile terminal.


9 - Patent “S.E.M. - Smart Ethernet Multiplexer”, a system which allows to simply insert an ethernet 10 Mbit/s digital link into a single twisted pair telephone cable (2 wires) simultaneously with the common PSTN or ISDN public service (Italian Patent Application N. 01315882).


10 - Design of many LD-MOS power amplifier and driver modules for TV and DTV broadcast applications, from 50Wpsync to 1000Wpsync (250Wrms DVB-T) for UHF and VHF bands.


11 - HW design of many other analog circuits: An amplitude laser modulator for the 2.5 Gbit/s SDH tone recognition of the Ericsson MWTN demonstrator; a soft start and smart current sensing circuit for the Ericsson ATM Circuit Emulation interfaces; a state machine implemented by using an FPGA (Altera) to fix a synchronization problem imposed by the main ASIC used into the Ericsson RFP-DECT. Finally, preparation an organization of many courses for professional training for analog & RF Junior Designers.


Professional skill:


Operating Systems knowledge (system administrator level):

Unix (SunOS4 Solaris2.5-2.8), Linux, Dos, Windows-98-NT-2000-XP.


General Software:

MS-Office, Frame Maker, Paint-Shop-Pro, Outlook, Firefox, WEB Browsers (Mozilla, Microsoft IE), Acrobat, PowerISO, Getright, WinRAR, FlashFXP, Dreamweaver, etc.


Simulation software:

SPICE, MicroSim, Cadence AWB, EWB, MicroCap, HFSS, HPEESOF (ADS), AWR Microwave Office, CST Microwave Studio.


Personal library:


More than 120 books and specific university notes of math analysis, electronics, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electrical machines, microelectronics, digital systems, analog and RF circuits, wireless systems, microwave, optoelectronics, analog and digital microwave radio links, satellite and others.


Many technical publications, collections and special magazines (Alta Frequenza, Microwave & RF, IEEE Transactions, MTT, etc.). Interested to the new development technologies for telecommunication equipments, by using microwave and multiphysics design simulators.




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