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I dont know how much time you have to navigate in Internet... Anyway if you have had time to visit my site... maybe you will have time to visit others too... ;-)


My suggested links are reported below


Dr. Igor Mozetic, PhD.

Member of Department of knowledge technologies, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Senior Associate, Deputy Head of Department. - Source of microwave infos

We're building a practical web resource covering the fundamental principles of microwave design, just for microwave engineers like you.


Tonne Software - A technically-oriented site for engineers and technicians

Offering to the fraternity a collection of original engineering software. Browse, choose and download.


Michael Ellis - The multimedia electronic literature

This web site is dedicated to the advancement of electronic engineering skills.


RF Cafe - Engineering forums

There are more than 3,000 unique pages on RF Cafe for you to explore (see Site Map). Take your time and enjoy your visit.


Spread Spectrum Scene - Freeware/Shareware RF tools

SSS Online is your RF, Wireless, and SS resource!


BlueSparks - Many free utilities, games and scripts is the support site for software created by Robert Fogt


Circuit Sage - The best web resource for circuit end system design

Everything you need is described here... But if you can't find it you always can ask to an expert everywhere around the world at every time by using forums. Just for senior designers.


The Petr Lorenz web site - Emgine, electromagnetic design environment

The emGine Environment is a full-wave 3D electromagnetic simulation environment solving Maxwell's equations in time-domain. It is used for the modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic field in microwave circuits, antennas, resonators, hollow waveguides, etc.


The Guitar FX-Box real time processor by using your PC sound card

Sasha Gojkovich is the author of this fantastic tool, I already have it and it works fine!

Just plug your guitar into the sound card input, start Guitar FX BOX and your guitar will scream and sing like you are using expensive analog effect pedals. You can apply a wide range of high quality effects to guitar, voice and other inputs. This high quality sound processing program is acting just like a good collection of guitar effects pedals. You can use several of them at the same time, even all if you need so.


MaTeBi - Dr.ssa Maria Teresa Bianchi - Mathematics and Physics Teacher

Benvenuti a visitare il mio spazio web!
cucina, matematica, conversazioni … tutto il mio web.


uWaveRF - Microwave and RF Engineering Resource

A new interesting site made by Mauro Ferrari, PhD of Tor Vergata University (Roma-2).

L'idea di uWaveRF nasce in primo luogo dalla volontà di divulgare le basi dell'elettronica delle microonde, delle onde millimetriche e della radio frequenza, in generale anche a chi si cimenta in questi campi per la prima volta. In secondo luogo uWaveRF si vuole porre come centro di raccolta di idee e come polo dove far confluire informazioni che provengono, più in generale dal vasto mondo dell'ingegneria elettronica e delle telecomunicazioni.


Fabrizio Marignoni my opinion he is one of the "last highlanders"; Fabrizio is one of the most skilled expert of "old fashion" electronics, in particular of HiFi tube amplifiers (Very High End, etc.) and much more!!! Super-Fabrizio è un personaggio unico, la sua minuziosità nel sondare ogni minimo dettaglio è stupefacente, ma è anche simpaticissimo, vale veramente la pena farsi un giro sul suo sito, aggiungetelo subito al Vostro bookmark! - Original Gianf's web site (my friend) - Site for modeling plane, cars, etc.

Questo sito è dedicato al modellismo in genere, anche se tratta principalmente di modellismo dinamico. [I wish to have more friends like Gianfilippo... Best wishes to you, Gianf, have a long life!]


Ti Elle Due Systems - The Ugo Lombardi's Company

Ugo (named "o professore") lives in Naples and I have had the pleasure of knowing him in 2005, during one of my job experience in Milan.


Millimetrica - The Aldo's Company (my friend) - Millimiter Waves Components and more

Millimetrica has been found from a group of RF & Microwave technicians with the aim to deliver special components and test systems for customers needs. We specialize in space and military components of difficult availability (coax and waveguide both), thanks to well known international partners.


The exciting Henry's web site - Exciting electronics and much more

It's very difficult to find this type of experiences around the web; Henry's site is one of the best source of ideas I've found, please don't forget it!


E per finire ecco un elenco di link di una certa utilità messi a disposizione da questo sito web: oltre al Forum per discutere sulle novità tecniche e tecnologiche è disponibile un Client Java per esplorare il web attraverso questo sito e infine una Chat per comunicare con i Vostri amici.


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